Here at One Pick Tipping we like to think we have a pretty simple concept – forget tipping each and every game each week – just pick the winner of one game each round.

But if you have tipped with us before or this is your first year you will soon find out that this is easier than it sounds.

Each week our tipsters are faced with a scenario – do I pick a sure thing and pick up the small odds on offer or do I go for a bit of a roughie to potentially make a big move up my competition ladder.

Last year our public winner, Dean seemed to have mastered the One Pick Tipping comp. At the end of the season he had accumulated over 700,000 points. He has been good enough to share some pearls of wisdom with us on how he did so;

“Choose teams you believe are certain winners early in the season as this is how you build points. Then once you see more of each team and how they are progressing it is then easier to choose teams with a higher price which can further your lead or close the gap on people in front of you. 

If your looking for a competition which you always have a chance of winning throughout the year, then One Pick Tipping is the one for you

Makes sense right? but it’s up to you. You only have to pick one game per round. How hard can it be… 🙂

Good luck for the season… bring on the footy!!!!