Tipping Competition

The Basic Rules

Simple rules and challenging competition – our mobile app provides a new twist on regular footy tipping comps. The One Pick Tipping competition is run and operated from the mobile app available via the App Store or Android Play.

It’s FREE to Download & Play – why not to give it a go!

Here’s the 4 Basic Rules

1. Each player picks a winner from one game of each AFL or NRL round – Pick from any game you like!

2. If your team wins, you will get a points multiplier score equal to the odds published by the One Pick Tipping team.

Example: If you selected Parramatta (whose odds were $2.50) to beat Melbourne and they win then you will receive a points multiplier score of 2.50.

3. At the end of the round, your current points are multiplied by your winning points multiplier score. If your chosen team did not win, you do not lose points.

4. Whoever has the highest point tally after the end of the tipping competition‘s regular season (finals not included) will be declared the One Pick Tipping tipping champion.

 Example Tipping Competition Scoring

At the start of the season you will start with 1 point, this will be multiplied by each of your winning tips as you progress through the AFL and NRL seasons. Check out the example below that shows a player progressing through four rounds with one loss.


Round Number Points Multiplier Score Your Ladder Points
1.00 (starting point)
1 2.00 (WIN) 2.00 (2.00 x 1.00)
2 1.80 (LOSS) 2.00 (no change)
3 3.00 (WIN) 6.00 (3.00 x 2.00)
4 2.00 (WIN) 12.00 (2.00 x 6.00)

Download & Play for Free

Ready to get started? Download the app on Apple & Android or use the new web version to start creating FREE AFL & NRL tipping comps with your mates right now!

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